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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:12 min
Laughing she asks if I still feel so confident. She puts me on the table and laughs while leaning over me, cleavage over my face and tells me to try and stop her from smothering me. Obviously, I cant and she crushes me with her cleavage. Skin contact camera. She throws me on the floor and says shes disappointed, but shes going to get a workout in at least. She starts doing a plank, with me under her breasts like in my Blondzilla custom. Eventually, she says her core is getting tired and she doesnt know if she can hold herself up before she falls, breasts smothering me. She does this for two more reps, each time smothering me. She laughs as she sees me squished into the rug and pulls me up cradling me by her cleavage. Then she says she isnt finished and starts doing bicep curls with me, just like Blondzilla did crushing my face with her bicep. She switches arms and does the same. She gives me a close-up of her arms pressed up against her side. She moves me up and down and tells me to enjoy the soft skin and feel her strong muscles. She brings me to her chest and cleavage and smothers me. Finally, she says I did end up giving her a...