Pay Pig Halloween – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS domination trampling

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Length:9 min
Alexandria tells the loser that this evening will be her entertainment since it is gonna be for her entertainment. She tells the loser that crawling will be taking place Princess Alexandria has a GREAT idea! She and alpha are going to a super hot halloween party. They will be the PERFECT alpha couple, and the best part is that Alexandria’s stupid cuck-simp is gone pay for it all for BOTH of them, so they can TOTALLY enjoy themselves all night!   Princess Alexandria explains how this night is going to go, because if she is going to be seen with this loser in public then its gonna be for HER entertainment. Alexandria tells this loser it will be crawling along on his hands and knees, trailing behind her ALL NIGHT LONG on the end of her LEASH, dressed as her PERSONAL PAYPIG! All while SHE is walking arm-in-arm with her HOT BOYFRIEND that she is like TOTALLY in love with! (She will probably like totally forget about her stupid simp crawling behind her half the time because she will be so focused on her BF and having a great time!!)   Alexandria teaches the pay pig its silent commands… (since it will be loud in the club at this Halloween party) when she kicks the pay pig once it must kiss her feet, and when she kicks it TWICE it must kiss her AND alphas feet. And a kick in the head with her stiletto means go fetch us more drinks, NOW, bitch!! Princess Alexandria is excited to humiliate this loser and show everyone...